Orchards and nurseries

Agrícola La Ensenada

Located in Region V, specifically in Panquehue, an area known for its comparative advantages for the production of avocados and citrus. This orchard currently has 180 hectares planted with Hass avocados and W. Murcott mandarines.

Agrícola Alto Panquehue

As its name suggests, it is also located in the Panquehue area and its entire surface is currently 1,800 hectares of which 400 hectares are currently planted with avocados and citrus.

Agrícola La Puntilla

This orchard is located in the Panquehue area and has 80 hectares of avocado trees planted in 2011 under the high-density system and incorporates the latest in automation technology and wireless irrigation control systems.
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